EU blames AstraZeneca for the current rift between the EU and UK

The EU has blamed AstraZeneca's parent company for the current conflict between the UK and the EU. Earlier this week, Britain demanded that the EU allow AstraZeneca vaccines produced in the EU to be delivered to the UK. According to an EU official, the bloc blames AstraZeneca for failing to deliver as promised.


The official added that the UK and EU were both victims, as they both ordered vaccines from a company that has failed to keep its end of the bargain. The EU has fallen behind on its vaccination plans, and there are rising cases of coronavirus infection in different parts of Europe.

Boris Johnson discussed with leaders of the European Union

The prime minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, discussed with leaders of the EU about the proposed export ban. If the EU decides to enact the ban, AstraZeneca will not be able to deliver EU manufactured vaccines to the UK.  


According to Johnson's spokesperson, Britain is currently not considering retaliatory measures and is focused on convincing the EU to not place export bans on the vaccine. A spokesperson for the vaccine company said the agreement with the UK prevented the company from exporting UK manufactured vaccines to the bloc. 

European countries are divided on the decision to take

Not all European countries support the vaccine export ban. Countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Ireland are against the bloc placing restrictions on the UK. According to the prime minister for Ireland, the action will not solve anything and would only tighten tensions between the EU and the UK.


The EU has contacted AstraZeneca and will take further steps in the coming days. More than 35 million doses have been exported from AstraZeneca's EU plants to other countries, but it has not received its promised vaccines. Eric Mamer, a spokesperson for the EU Bloc, said the bloc is expecting its vaccine orders to be fulfilled.