Where can I buy tongue drums ?

The least that can be said for the Tongue Drum is that it is not a popular Instrument like the guitar, piano or drums. As a result, it will be more difficult to get one and even more difficult to find a store that offers enough references to find the perfect model for you. Find out in this article where you can buy your tongue drum

In online stores

Today, the best means at your disposal remains the shops on the internet. You will find essentially two types, those generalists and specialized ones who are able to offer you tongue drum for sale. Regarding the latter, these are professionals who are generally passionate about the subject and who will therefore be more inclined to give you advice to guide you in your choice. In addition, they often have a larger catalog with, for example, Instrument models tuned to different frequencies to satisfy all musician profiles. This is how you can find more than 50 Tongue Drum references on the Instruments du Monde store. Ideal for finding the shoe that suits you.

With regard to general stores, the choice is usually more limited and you should not hope to find specific advice to guide your decision. This kind of professional buys their Instruments in bulk and tries to pull the prices down without necessarily being really interested in what they are selling. The general idea here being to increase turnover rather than finding the right Tongue Drum for each musician.

In physical stores or on the second-hand market

Also, your choice could turn either to physical stores or to the second-hand market. In both cases, the tongue drums that you will find will remain rare, this musical instrument still being quite exotic. It will be necessary to be wary of the prices practiced which can be very high because of the rarity of the instrument. The positive side is that you will have the opportunity to test them to find out if you like the sound they produce. However, this advantage is nuanced, because today, you can perfectly buy on the internet and then make use of your right of withdrawal within 14 days if the tongue drum is not to your liking.