What exactly do you have to do to be a private taxi driver?

Being a private driver is hardly impossible these days. If you have cars and people who are qualified and experienced to drive, you have the essentials to set up a chauffeur-driven transport service, but that's not all. However, to really become a private taxi driver, you need to meet a few conditions. So what are the requirements to become a private taxi driver?

What is a private taxi driver?

A private taxi driver is quite simply an experienced, qualified and skilled driver who offers his services in exchange for payment. A private taxi driver, far from being just a car driver, is a validated driver who has met many acceptance criteria. They are individuals or drivers working for an agency, a transport service and their aim is not only to make money but also to please their customers in order to keep them loyal. You can find out more about them if you want more explanation

Having a professional driver card

This card is essential for anyone who wants to be a private taxi driver. It serves, in effect, to recognise you legally by the law in force. To obtain it, you will need to make an official request to the prefecture, providing the following documents - An identity card - A certificate of physical fitness to transport people - Proof of address - A certificate of success in the VTC exam - A valid B licence Once these documents have been collected, you can submit your files and hope to receive your private chauffeur certificate on the spot or by post or by email. Furthermore, your licence must be at least 3 years old. Also, to be a private driver, you must have the VTC professional card and to get it, you must take part in a composition, register for training, prepare for the exam and pass it. Once obtained, understand that this card is only valid for 5 years.