US supreme court to reconsider ruling for Boston marathon bomber

In an announcement that was made this week, the US supreme court has decided to look at the U.S. Justice Department’s bid to ensure that the Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, gets the death sentence. Tsarnaev was a participant in an attack during the Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured more than 200 people.


The U.S justice department appeal was filed during the tenure of President Donald Trump. Their bid challenges the decision of a court ruling that says a new court trial concerning the case should be run. Biden's administration has not made a move to overturn the decision of Trump's administration concerning the case. 

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev worked together with his elder brother

The bombing caused panic in Boston for over a week. Tsarnaev had worked with his elder brother to explode two homemade bombs during the marathon. Their actions led to the death of three people, and many others were injured. After they detonated the bomb, they tried to flee Boston.


During their botched escape plan, a policeman died and the elder brother was killed in a shootout with the police. Tsarnaev was arrested and found guilty of the thirty charges raised against him. He also faced the death penalty for his actions.

The Boston court of appeal overturned the death penalty

The Boston court of appeal overturned the death sentence, adding that the jurors were biased against Tsarnaev because of the public nature of the bombing. The appeal court ruled that a new trial that will challenge the death penalty charges be held. The Court's decision was appealed by the Justice Department.


The Justice Department argued that the decision of the appeal court does not apply to the case of Tsarnaev. If the appeal gets rejected by the US supreme court, the trial will be run again. The supreme court will sit concerning the case in October. 

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