The teachers union in LA agree to open schools

The Los Angeles teacher union has decided to allow teachers in LA to resume teaching. The union agreed on a proposed plan that will see teachers teach students in a mix of physical and virtual classes. The arrangement was agreed on before public schools in the state announced they were opening in April.


Most schools in other states will continue to hold virtual classes for their students. Schools were shut down after the coronavirus pandemic spread in different countries in the world and killed millions worldwide. The Biden administration has been working towards reopening schools and physical classes for students that do not have access to the internet.

The Biden administration is trying to minimize the spread of coronavirus among students

The Biden administration is reportedly reviewing measures that will prevent the spread of coronavirus among students. It's a top priority of the government, as underprivileged children in public schools don't have access to the internet for virtual classes.


According to education officials at the Los Angeles Unified School (LAUSD), LA districts will first open elementary and preschool classes in the middle of April. Students in grades 7-12 will resume school by the beginning of May. According to the president of LAUSD, the Union's decision was based on the physical and virtual classes arrangement proposed by the government. She added that the union believes it will minimize the spread of coronavirus among students. 

Elementary teachers will be required to teach physically

The LAUSD said elementary teachers will teach physically except in medical emergencies, while secondary school teachers will hold classes remotely. The union added that there are also plans to teach outdoor classes under big tents.


The U.S. government recently updated its COVID-19 guidelines for schools, adding that there must be at least three-six feet between students in classes. The LAUSD union said the government must still provide other safety measures such as PPE and daily disinfection services.