How to promote your business in China ?

Although there are many cultural differences, the Chinese market is attracting the interest of many investors. In addition, this growing country continues to attract entrepreneurs who want to conquer international markets. It now receives multiple direct foreign investments. But establishing yourself in the Chinese market requires a few precautions to follow in order to successfully develop your activities. Discover in this article how to make your business known in China.

Communicate on Chinese social networks to make your business visible

The Chinese spend an average of 25 hours per week on social networks. If you have a peek at this web-site at this site, you will understand that it is 4 times more than the average. Chinese consumers spend a lot of time online because they often only trust their network of friends when they want to buy a product. As social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are blocked in China, consumers are very active on WeChat and Weibo. 

WeChat is the most used social network in China. It is an online instant messenger with multiple features. Post good content to promote your products on WeChat. Do not hesitate to play on the emotional level to reach your target customers. For its part, weibo resembles Twitter. It has more than 550 million users per month and allows Chinese people to express themselves and debate on various topics. For companies, this social network is one of the best ways to communicate with consumers.

Prospect and establish partnerships with market players

Virtual commerce in China is on the rise. This sector represents 20% of distribution in the territory. One in five Chinese consumers shop through a website. To promote your business in China, you usually need to use a sales representative. This service provider has a single mission : prospecting. In other words, it sells your products and services to a well-targeted clientele. 

He contacts customers and visits them, in addition to presenting various offers. In general, the Chinese are good salespeople. However, you must ensure that your products meet market needs. Hence the importance of having an excellent network of contacts. This is an asset for your business. Many business models work with a founder's network. Many brands develop their activities thanks to their network of partners.