How to choose the right coffee cup ?

To enjoy a good cappuccino or a delicious espresso, you must first have the right accessory. And on the market, the diversity of coffee cups does not make the task easy. To this end, here you have some relevant tips to have the best coffee cup.

The shape of the coffee cup

The impact of the coffee cup in the enjoyment of this beverage is seen in the shape of the object. French coffee mug or any other model, will be designated as perfect only when their appearance will preserve the quality of the beverage. Therefore, it is recommended to choose cups with a curved interior shape capable of absorbing the shock between the object and the liquid.

And to have a perfect crema, it is better to opt for coffee cups that widen gradually towards the top. The taste depending on the height of the cup is always excellent with its models. However, depending on what you consume between latte, cappuccino, filter coffee, espresso, the coffee cup to choose may vary.

The material of the coffee cup

The materials that make up a coffee cup can be different from one cup to another. They influence the quality of the beverage, the aesthetics of the object, its durability and its practicality. For this reason, ceramic is the popular material for making a coffee mug.
Although it is less efficient at retaining heat, a ceramic coffee mug is stylish, inexpensive and dishwasher safe. It does not alter the taste of the coffee. You may also prefer a porcelain or glass coffee mug.

The former is thick to last over time and preserve the quality of the beverage. Porcelain cups are also more durable. However, for an aesthetically pleasing cup, you should opt for glass. In addition to its ability to manage temperature, the glass coffee cup does not burn your fingers. For the capacity on the other hand, the coffee mug of will choose according to the use.