How to build an in-ground pool?

Enjoy refreshing swims in the privacy of your home whenever you want by installing an in-ground pool.  It's a lifetime solution that takes work. The foundation of its success lies in the proper preparation and excavation of the land in which you decide to build the pool. Below you will see the steps for building an in-ground pool.

Choose the land

The first thing to do is to plan the construction project. To learn more, visit this link. You need to make sure that the land on which you want to mount the pool: is compact, does not have any risk of landslides, does not have water pipes, general drains or electrical pipes, if there are any, you will have to do them beforehand.

In addition, the area where you are going to place the pool should have easy access to heavy machinery, such as excavators, and enough space to deposit excess material.

Choose the type of pool glass, choose the pool liner

There are different types of glass and depending on which one you choose, the installation will be different. The three models are: working glass, prefabricated or with metal structures.  You can make the glass masonry in several ways: using concrete or cinder block walls or reinforced concrete. In both cases, a good screed must be made, at least 20 cm thick, with the appropriate concrete mixture. It must always be reinforced concrete. The finish can be a coating with a specific mortar. You can cover the walls and floors of the glass with appropriate tiles or mosaic tiles

When choosing the pool liner, you should take into account your budget and taste, but above all you should look for those that guarantee waterproofing, to avoid leaks and dirt. They should also be able to resist ice and UV rays. Any of the coatings should also provide a smooth, non-slip surface.

Dig the floor, build the work glass

Trace and mark the lines around the outline to be dug on the floor. You can do this by spreading a line of dusted plaster around the perimeter of the pool. In addition, you must have another part of the ground to excavate in order to install the shed, the underground technical room, where the pump and filter are located.

The construction will depend on the type of glass you have chosen, whether it is of construction, prefabricated or with metal panels/structures. If the glass is brick, build all the enclosure walls. You can use concrete or brick blocks to make to shape the glass you want.

In short, follow the recommendations to place as many comforts as necessary to ensure the stability and thrust of the land.