How much does home automation cost?

Home automation is gradually becoming a part of people's daily lives. However, when we talk about this technology, its cost also appears in the minds of people who want to get it. In reality, it is a highly secure system whose cost is estimated according to a number of factors. In this article you will discover all the information about the cost of the home automation system.

The cost depending on the wiring system

When wanting to discuss the price of home automation, you must first look at the type of installation you plan to carry out. Indeed, the installation comes in two possibilities which consists in choosing between the wired system and the wireless system. Note that the right information is published here. The first system is in fact the most popular type of installation, but requires professional intervention. It is more expensive, with a price that is difficult to estimate. To achieve this, the surface area to be covered and the various equipment to be installed must be taken into consideration. This is why the intervention of the electrician is required, which of course could increase the cost of this installation, unlike the one carried out with the wireless system.

The cost according to the different equipment to be installed

In addition to the choice of the connection system, the price of home automation is also defined according to the different equipment that will organise the empowerment of your home. Thus, when you choose to install, for example, a surveillance camera, you should plan on an amount between 100 and 1400 euros. Furthermore, if you prefer a wired or wireless device, your price will also vary. If you also choose the cheapest option, i.e. wiring via Wi-Fi, you will need a budget of between €150 and €400. But the advantage here is that you don't need an electrician. However, if you want to extend the home automation to the entrances and windows of your house, then you need to budget more.