US Supreme Court dismisses Facebook's appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed Facebook's appeal concerning a class-action lawsuit against the tech company. The class-action lawsuit seeks to sue Facebook for $15 billion. The defendants of the lawsuit accused Facebook of illegally tracking the actions of their users outside the Facebook app. The lawsuit was revived by a lower court in the US.


The lawsuit is a Nationwide case. Facebook is also accused of breaking a US law named the "Wiretap Act" by secretly monitoring and recording the activities of users that log into websites that are linked to Facebook. The class-action suit was filed by four people in California.

Facebook has denied all the allegations leveled against it in the class-action lawsuit

According to the individuals that filed the lawsuit, Facebook stopped tracking the activity of its users after it was exposed in 2011 by a researcher. But Facebook has denied all the charges, saying that it protects the security and privacy of its users.


Facebook also added that the charges they are accused of are common interactions that happen between users on the internet. Facebook is one of the biggest social media companies worldwide. It has more than 2 billion users worldwide and has more than 210 million in the US alone. 

Facebook is also facing scrutiny over its app's plug-in's

Facebook is also facing scrutiny over its plugins that enable Facebook to monitor the browsing activities of its users. The plugins use "cookies" that store users' information and help Facebook know the websites the users have visited. One of the charges leveled against the company is the accusation that Facebook sells the information it gets from its plug-ins to advertisers.


Facebook denies selling users' information, adding that the company only used the information to customize each users' experience. As part of its appeal, Facebook said it should not be sued under the wire-tap act because the plug-ins were accepted by users'. 



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